Tile Flooring in Tucson, AZ

Tile Flooring in Tucson, AZ

Choose beauty and functionality in flooring for your home remodeling project. Find the tile flooring in Tucson, AZ, that meets your needs for style, quality, and price-point at our local flooring outlet. Tile adds visual appeal to any piece of real estate.

Our flooring outlet provides you with discount floor tile in a warehouse setting. For you, this means hundreds and hundreds of in-stock selections. Pick the perfect tile for your project and take it home with you.

Why Choose Timeless Tile?

Tile is a perennial classic when it comes to flooring. Feel confident that our well-stocked outlet has tile in the type, brand, size, and color that works with your décor. This flooring is durable, affordable, and practical. When it comes to maintenance, tile makes cleaning easy and simple. Just sweep it when dust and dirt settle and use a tile-cleaning product to mop up spills and maintain the beauty.

Deciding Which Type of Tile to Choose

Come into our outlet to browse through the different types of tile in stock. We have flooring specialists available to show you what we have and answer any questions that arise. Let us help you select the tile that fits your decorating needs and lifestyle requirements. Essentially, we offer three main types of tile flooring:

Ceramic—The look you get when you opt for ceramic tile is elegance. This popular flooring option is made with tiles that are fired in kilns for beauty and strength. Ceramic comes with a lower price tag than other types of tile and is softer, making it easier to cut and install. Ceramic is seen most commonly in the kitchen and bathroom, as it resists water and is easy to clean. However, ceramic looks just as handsome in your foyer, living room, or dining room.

Porcelain—Porcelain tile offers a modern appeal that complements any decorating style. Like ceramic tile, porcelain is fired in kilns at a very high temperature. However, porcelain consists of a high grade of clay that is dense and tough. The price tag is mid-range compared to various types of tile. Porcelain is ideal for installation when indoor air quality is a consideration. Since there are no fibers, this flooring leaves no place for allergens to hide so that you can breathe freely and easily.

Slate—Slate tile costs more than the other two types, but the unique beauty of this earthy natural stone is worth it. Slate is quarried from the ground, so each slab is unique. Slate is dense and heavy, and it is available in some rich shades of gold, green, blue, and gray. This type of tile is as beautiful, strong, and enduring as the earth from which it comes.

Contact us today for help in choosing the right tile for your remodeling project. The Floor Trader of Tucson proudly serves customers in Tucson, Olive Branch, Green Valley, Vail, and Benson, Arizona, as well as the surrounding areas.